Welcome to my website

Welcome to my home on the Internet. Here you'll find my notes and thoughts on whatever topic I'm currently exploring. Feel free to browse around.

I'm not very active on social networks, I prefer to share all my content through my website. So here is my recommendation on how to keep track of what I'm working, my tutorials, apps, notes, etcetera.

Subscribe using RSS to my blog feed or to my notes feed, depending if you prefer long reads or short reads. You can use any RSS Feed reader, but I would recommend NetNewsWire if you are on a mac.

Also, subscribe to my mailing list, I'll be sending unique content to that list. You can subscribe using the form in the footer of the site.

Why use RSS?

I remember the days when I used to go for information, read news and articles at my own pace and at my own time. Now, everything seems to be urgent. We need to keep up with all the notifications and scrolling feeds, or we'll miss something.

Going back to RSS seems to be a good compromise, I can decide when to read any articles, and I'll be the judge of my own filters.

RSS gives back some control to the readers and also to the creators. I want to be a good Internet citizen and help whenever I can. So I think giving you the chance to filter and decide when to read is better than to press you into using any specific social network or app or distract you with more notifications.

Ok, enough talk about my website. Go on and explore it, I hope you find the content interesting and helpful. Also, feedback is always welcome, and for me, it's always exciting to hear from you.


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