FreeBSD Jails using VNETs FreeBSD jail networking with virtual networks

This guide shows you how to use jails and virtual networks. Virtual networks give you the flexibility to:

  • Give your jails their own network stack.
  • Isolate jails from each other by grouping them in vnets.
  • Model networks you are currently running, and test them in jails before messing with the real system.
  • Whatever the case might be, learning how to use vnets and jails is a useful skill to have. In this guide, we begin with basic jails operations and end up designing and implementing our network using vnets.

    The case study for this guide consists of having a jailed web server running in public vnet that can expose services to the host, and a fictitious database server that will be located in a private vnet. The web server will have access to both the private and the public vnet. With this basic setup, you'll understand the necessary concepts of using jails and vnets so you can apply it to your specific needs.

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