Bash Beyond Basics Increase your efficiency and understanding of the shell

This is one of those rare course that the return of investment compounds. If it saves you a couple of minutes of work every hour, it will pay itself in a few days, and the benefits will continue for the rest of your career.

This course helps you level up your bash skills. This is not a course on shell-scripting, is a course on improving your efficiency by showing you the features of bash that are seldom discussed and often ignored. In this course you'll learn about:

  • Directory Navigation
  • CD Search Path
  • Job Management
  • Terminal Multiplexers
  • The Readline Input library
  • History Manipulation
  • Shell Expansions
  • Redirection and Pipes
  • A Potpourri of Tips

Every day you spend many hours working in the shell, every little improvement in your worklflows will pay dividends many fold!

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